Located on the banks of one of the longest rivers in Central Asia – the Syr Darya, the region has a huge potential for the development of eco-tourism. Fishing and agro-tourism are also very popular in the region.

The history of the region began more than 3 thousand years ago, when the first settlements along the rivers and mountain sais first appeared on this territory. The villages of Savat and Khavas in the Syr Darya region were mentioned in the ancient works of Arab geographers. Among the important historical monuments of the region are the ruins of the medieval city of Nurata. The oldest monument is located on the territory of Saikhunabad district and covers 40 hectares of area.

You can come to the region for fishing, because in the Syr Darya there are a lot of fish - from large carp to snakeheads and walleye! And Syr Darya is the birthplace of Mirzachul melon, famous all over the world for its unforgettable aroma and sweetest taste.

Syrdarya region specializes in cotton, sericulture, melon and animal husbandry. Syrdarya GRES and Farhad GRES operate in the region, producing 1/4 of the country's total electricity.

The administrative center of the region is the city of Gulistan.

Syrdarya region is located in the central part of Uzbekistan, on the territory of the Hungry steppe (Mirzachul), on the left side of the Syrdarya river.