Surkhandarya region is notable for mountain and ecotourism. In the region, you can see the incredible beauty of the natural landscape: caves, massifs, gorges. These places attract a lot of attention of travelers and adventurers.

Here you can get acquainted with the monuments of the distant past, including open-air museums, Buddhist temples, ruins of ancient settlements, ancient fortresses, places of worship.

The Surkhandarya valley was the source of a new culture. It gave history the names of outstanding poets, theologians, religious figures, and philosophers. Thanks to them, amazing architectural monuments of the early and late Middle ages appeared. The value of these monuments has a cult significance for the entire Islamic world.

In Termez, the oldest city and center of the region, and its surroundings, there are a number of architectural and archaeological monuments, ruins of Forts and fortresses of various peoples, such as Zoroastrians, Nestorians, Buddhists, and, of course, monuments of Islamic architecture. Not far from Termez, an ancient chess set with ivory figures was discovered.

Surkhandarya region is the southernmost region of Uzbekistan. It occupies the Hissar range in the North, Babatag in the East, Kugitangtau and Baysuntau spurs in the west, and AmuDarya in the South.