Navoi region is the youngest in Uzbekistan. Its administrative center is the city of Navoi, which was founded in 1958. The place for the construction of the city was not chosen by chance. The mining and metallurgical industry is actively developing here.

The region has an ancient history. Valuable archaeological finds were found in the Sarmyshsay gorge, and ancient rock paintings were found on the southern slope of the Nurata mountains. One of the most beautiful places in the region, lake Aydarkul is a place of pristine beauty.

The region once had trade routes that were of great importance for those years.

On this land is located the religious complex of Chashma, as well as the remains of a once-majestic fortress built in the 11th century Rabat-I-Malik.

The region was named after the Uzbek poet, philosopher and statesman Alisher Navoi. In his works, the poet highly appreciated and glorified loyalty to the cause, friendship, brotherhood, modesty, truthfulness, conscientiousness, and devotion to enlightenment.

Today, Navoi region is an industrial center, where the well-known Navoi mining and metallurgical combine is located, which is engaged in the production of high-grade gold, as well as other export products. It was in Navoi region that the first free economic zone "Navoi" was established in our country.

Navoi region is located in the central part of Uzbekistan. The north-west of the region borders with the Kyzylkum plateau, in the East the region is surrounded by the Nurata mountains. The southern part of the region is washed by the Zarafshan river.