The Jizzakh oasis has a long history, and the nature of the region fascinates at first sight.

In the districts of Bahmal and Gallaaral, you can see amazing underground paths called "Temir Darvoza". On the south-eastern edge of the Kyzylkum desert in the Jizzakh region, Aydarkul lake impresses with its splendor, on the bank of which there is a Yurt camp. In early spring, flocks of pink flamingos can be seen here.

The region is called the Central Asian oasis, because there are so many healing springs, national parks, nature reserves, and beautiful gardens with numerous fruit and nut trees.

It is here that tourists come to be treated, gain strength, restore health. Wonderful mountain air, pure mineral water, healthy fruits and vegetables will create a miracle.

Health care can also be combined with visiting some of the region's amazing religious sites.

The Jizzakh region is located in the Central part of Uzbekistan between the SyrDarya and Zarafshan rivers. Its administrative center is the city of Jizzakh, whose history dates back to the 10th century.