Kok-Tobe is a mountain in Almaty, Kazakhstan’s biggest city. At 1,100 metres above sea level it is one of the city’s major landmarks and tourist attractions, connected to downtown Almaty by a cable car, completed in 2016. The 372-metre-tall TV Tower, visible from most parts of the city, stands at the foot of the mountain.

In 2006, a recreational park and entertainment centre was opened and a bronze Beatles Monument installed in 2007. John Lennon is seen sitting on a bench with his guitar, with Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr standing behind him.

The park also has a number of attractions, including a ferris wheel and a small zoo, cafes and restaurants. It is well worth the trip up Kok-Tobe for panoramic views of Almaty and the cable car passes over some of the oldest parts of the city.