Hunting Birds Show

Hunting with birds of prey is an important tradition for Central Asian nomads and a golden eagle astride his master’s wrists has been a symbol of the Asian Steppes for centuries. Falconry is practiced in many Central Asian countries but hunting with birds of prey such as eagles, falcons and hawks is part of the fabric of Kazakhstan.

Hunting with use of specially prepared hunting birds of prey is a fascinating, hazardous show, combining bright esthetic trait and an antiquity of century hunting traditions of Kazakh people.

For centuries, it has been considered prestigious in Kazakhstan to own a bird of prey, a privilege only afforded to the rich and important. They employed skilled hunters - berkutchi - who commanded huge authority and respect in the society. The tradition was passed down through the generations, usually only to the male members of the family but sometimes to women as well.

At the Hunting Birds Show, just outside the city of Almaty, visitors can watch a spectacular demonstration as well as learn about birds of prey.