Alash Ethno Village

The Ethno Village Alash located in Shymkent is a faithful reconstruction of a nomadic Kazakh settlement, complete with yurts, horseback riders and arts and crafts stalls. It offers tourists and visitors an opportunity to experience the nomadic lifestyle for themselves and to showcase the rich history, traditions and national cuisine of the Kazakh people.

The Ethno Village also holds events and galas featuring Kazakh music, theatre, art, sporting events and equestrian competitions, such as kokpar (a Central Asian sport in which mounted players attempt to place a goat or calf carcass in a goalpost), audaryspak (mounted wrestling) and kyz kuu, often called the “kissing game” and involving a male and female rider.

Visitors are welcome to join in or try their hand at one of the various workshops led by skilled artisans.