Mahsati Ganjavi Museum

The Mahsati Ganjavi Centre in Ganja, Azerbaijan’s second-biggest city, is dedicated to the 12th-century female poet Mahsati. She was a composer of quatrains (rubaiyat) and is said to have associated with the famous poets Omar Khayyam and Nizami.

The centre houses an art gallery, a reading and research room, a music studio, music library and a national garment exhibition.

In the national garments exhibition of the Centre, national clothes to the Mahsati time, in particular, those of ladies of the Renaissance Period are exhibited. The reading room contains books about the life and literacy legacy of Mahsati Ganjavi as well as rubáiyát (in digital format) in Azerbaijani, Russian and English. There are also books by other eminent Azerbaijani poets and thinkers, as well as on music and carpet making.